Amp Champ™ LED Tape Light & Wire Connector

The compact, capable, safe, and versatile Amp Champ LED tape light and wire connector provides secure connections between LED tape light sections, between tape light and wire, or between pairs of wire leads. Amp Champ fits easily into many aluminum channels with diffusers. Pre-installed 3M VHB tape makes installation quick and easy, and provides an excellent strain relief.

Amp Champ solves many customer problems at once:

  • Provides a secure connection and tight fit, solving the problem of slippage and connections that loosen over time
  • 8 Amp limit meets the need for a high amperage connector, enabling longer runs of tape light on a single connector
  • Simplifies inventory, with no need to stock different connector styles and lengths
  • Because it is a connector only with no wires pre-attached, it gives contractors and installers the flexibility to use their own lengths and gauge of wire

This tape and wire connector is compatible with solid core, tinned, and stranded wire. Each connector includes four spade connectors for use with stranded wire. Multi-packs include a screwdriver. Amp Champ comes in multiple sizes to fit Alloy LED's most popular tape lights, and its compact form factor ensures that it fits easily into Alloy LED's most popular aluminum channels and diffusers.

Note: do not overtighten, as the bottom of the connector may crack.

Note: do not overtighten, as the bottom of the connector may crack.

Voltage: 12-24V DC
Dimensions (WxLxH): 0.4 x 0.48 x 0.28 in. (PrimaLine 1.5, 3, and 3 SE tapes)
Dimensions (WxLxH): 0.56 x 0.48 x 0.28 in. (PrimaLine 1.5 XT, 3 XT, and Varien tapes)
Dimensions (WxLxH): 0.48 x 0.48 x 0.28 in. (PrimaLine 2.7 LP, 4.4 Gen 2, 4.4 XT Gen 2 tapes)
Max. Current: 8A*
Max. Wire Gauge: 16 AWG
Mounting: 3M VHB tape (pre-installed)
Compatible Wire Types: solid core, tinned, stranded**

*For Class 2 compliance, circuits are limited to 5A (12V) and 4A (24V).
**Each connector includes four spade connectors for use with stranded wire.

Item #DescriptionCompatible Tape Light
AL-01-01-9900 single connector PrimaLine 1.5
AL-01-01-9900-05 5 pack PrimaLine 1.5
AL-01-01-9900-10 10 pack PrimaLine 1.5
AL-01-02-9900 single connector PrimaLine 3
AL-01-02-9900-05 5 pack PrimaLine 3
AL-01-02-9900-10 10 pack PrimaLine 3
AL-01-04-9900 single connector PrimaLine 1.5 XT
AL-01-04-9900-05 5 pack PrimaLine 1.5 XT
AL-01-04-9900-10 10 pack PrimaLine 1.5 XT
AL-01-05-9900 single connector PrimaLine 3 XT
AL-01-05-9900-05 5 pack PrimaLine 3 XT
AL-01-05-9900-10 10 pack PrimaLine 3 XT
AL-01-07-9900 single connector PrimaLine 5.5 LP
AL-01-07-9900-05 5 pack PrimaLine 5.5 LP
AL-01-07-9900-10 10 pack PrimaLine 5.5 LP
AL-01-08-9900 single connector PrimaLine 2.7 LP
AL-01-08-9900-05 5 pack PrimaLine 2.7 LP
AL-01-08-9900-10 10 pack PrimaLine 2.7 LP
AL-01-15-9900 single connector PrimaLine 4.4 Gen 2
AL-01-15-9900-05 5 pack PrimaLine 4.4 Gen 2
AL-01-15-9900-10 10 pack PrimaLine 4.4 Gen 2
AL-01-16-9900 single connector PrimaLine 4.4 XT Gen 2
AL-01-16-9900-05 5 pack PrimaLine 4.4 XT Gen 2
AL-01-16-9900-10 10 pack PrimaLine 4.4 XT Gen 2
AL-01-51-9900 single connector PrimaLine 3 SE
AL-01-51-9900-05 5 pack PrimaLine 3 SE
AL-01-51-9900-10 10 pack PrimaLine 3 SE
AL-01-81-9900 single connector Varien 5.5
AL-01-81-9900-05 5 pack Varien 5.5
AL-01-81-9900-10 10 pack Varien 5.5