39 Inch DC Plug Extension Cable
5-Way DC Plug Splitter Cable
Adapter Splice Cable - male

DC Plug Accessories

DC Plug Accessories connect directly to Alloy LED products with DC plugs, like the Polara LED Puck Light. The DC Plug Splitter Cables allow multiple puck lights to connect to a Plug-In Adapter; the DC Plug Extension Cable creates an extension between a puck light and a Plug-In Adapter, or between a puck light and DC Plus Splitter Cable; the lead wires of the Adapter Splice Cable can be soldered to an LED Tape Light so that it can be powered by a Plug-In Adapter.

Input Voltage: 12-24V DC
Wire Gauge (DC Plug Splitters): 24 AWG
Wire Gauge (DC Splice Cables and Extension Cables): 18 AWG
Max. Amps (DC Plug Splitters): 2A
Max. Amps (DC Splice Cables and Extension Cables): 6A
Certifications (DC Splice Cables and Extension Cables): UL 2464


To find the item # for a multipack of connectors, just add "-10" or "-30" to the end of any of the following item numbers:

Item #Description
AL-97-99-9901-WH Adapter Splice Cable - Male - White
AL-97-99-9911-WH Adapter Splice Cable - Female - White
AL-97-99-9921-WH 2-Way DC Plug Splitter - White
AL-97-99-9922-BL 2-Way DC Plug Splitter - Black
AL-97-99-9931-WH 3-Way DC Plug Splitter - White
AL-97-99-9932-BL 3-Way DC Plug Splitter - Black
AL-97-99-9941-WH 5-Way DC Plug Splitter - White
AL-97-99-9942-BL 5-Way DC Plug Splitter - Black
AL-97-99-9951-WH DC Plug Extension Cable- 39 in. - White