Nicolaudie STICK GA2 Color Controller

Nicolaudie is the premier name in DMX color control, with a line of both software-based controls and easy-to-use wall controllers, all of which provide professional-grade lighting management and control for Alloy LED’s Radialux™ RGB and RGB-W Tape Lights.

The Nicolaudie STICK GA2 Color Controller is a wall-mounted DMX controller with a stylish glass touchpad that offers the best solution for projects requiring numerous LED lighting scenes commanded from an uncluttered and intuitive interface. The LED display of the STICK-GA2 makes it easy to tell which scene number is playing, and its size allows for mounting at any single gang wall outlet. The STICK-GA2 provides simple but flexible color control options:

Color Mode
Buttons allow for direct access to any color.

Scene Mode
Choose the current scene, which can be static (one step) or dynamic (several steps with fade/hold time).

Dimmer Mode
The left and right buttons change the brightness.

Item #Faceplate ColorDimensionsDMX ChannelsScenes
AL-60-01-0008 white 4.3 x 3.4 x 0.43 in. 512 99
AL-60-01-0009 black 4.3 x 3.4 x 0.43 in. 512 99