DMX Decoder

The DMX Decoder translates the signals from DMX color controllers, such as the Nicolaudie series, into the analog signal used by Radialux™ RGB and RGB-W LED Tape Lights. This powerful decoder not only supports large installations with a clean, consistent signal, but is also easy to address with the digital interface. If your installation calls for sophisticated DMX control of RGB or RGB-W Tape Light, this decoder (also known as a DMX Buffer) is an essential accessory.

Input voltage: 12-36V
Load current: 3 / 4 × 8A
Maximum load power: 3 / 4 × (96-288)W
Operating temperature: -20 - +50℃
Load Type: 0.04-0 .1 W LED type

Item #DimensionsInput Voltage
AL-60-03-0007 6.5 x 2.4 x 1.3 in. 12-36V DC