Focaline™ Optical Lenses


Focaline Optical Lenses offer focused light and wall grazing capabilities for Surfa 1 surface mount channels. Available in 4 and 7 ft. lengths, the Focaline Lens brings out wall textures beautifully with a smooth line of light, without the hotspots caused by pinpoint lighting. Focaline Lenses enhance the dramatic accents of wall textures with clean, high contrast lighting.


  • 30° and 60° models available
  • 4 and 7 ft. lengths
  • 2 pairs (4 ft. channel) and 4 pairs (7 ft. channel) of dedicated Optical End Caps included

At only a third of an inch high, the Surfa Aluminum Channel 1 is ideal for general low-profile surface mounting of LED tape light. Surfa 1 corner connectors can be used to link channel sections seamlessly around corners, while straight connectors can join straight sections of channel for longer runs. This channel is compatible with selected tape light models only, see the Downloads tab for information.

Continua™ Channels are an essential accessory for clean, efficient, and high-impact LED linear lighting installations. Channels add style and enhanced lighting to any space; they provide protection for LED lights, from moisture, dust and other elements. Channels also surround the tape light with a thermally balanced heat sink, cooling and prolonging the lifespan of the product.

Item #Description
AL-50-03-9922-30 Focaline optical lens cover - 30° - 4 ft. (includes optical end caps)
AL-50-03-9925-30 Focaline optical lens cover - 30° - 7 ft. (includes optical end caps)
AL-50-03-9932-60 Focaline optical lens cover - 60° - 4 ft. (includes optical end caps)
AL-50-03-9935-60 Focaline optical lens cover - 60° - 7 ft. (includes optical end caps)