Hangr LED Closet Bar

Tailored LED closet lighting

The Hangr LED Closet Bar is a sleek, functional and sturdy LED fixture that makes your closet shine, either as a standalone light or in addition to existing lighting. The Hangr Closet Bar Fixture pairs the Hangr aluminum channel and premium diffuser with Alloy's super bright PrimaLine® 6.6 LED tape light to create sleek, functional customized LED closet lighting.

Alloy LED tailors the fixture to fit your closet perfectly. Just pick the light temperature of the LED light—from warm white 2700K and 3000K, neutral white 4200K, and cool white 5000K—and length down to the inch. The fixture is delivered ready to install, with mounting rings and a power cable for connecting to low voltage power.


  • Choice of LED light color temperature, length, and finish
  • Polished Aluminum or Gloss White finish
  • 95 CRI light shows the true color of clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Diffused, hotspot-free light
  • Comes ready to install
  • Low heat and zero UV

 Optional hanging brackets offer extra support for bars over 5 feet that support heavy clothing.

Material: Aluminum
Diameter (bar): 1.34 in.
Max length: 84 in. / 7 ft.
Diameter (mounting rings): 2.5 in.
Hanging brackets: L = 3.5 in. / W = 2.25 in.
Wattage: 6.6W/ft.
Input Voltage: 24V DC
Certifications: UL Listed, UL closet rated, Title 24, RoHS
Beam Angle: 120°
Finishes: polished aluminum, gloss white (powder-coated)
Mounting: 2 mounting rings and 4 screws (included)


Max. fixture length = 84 inches

AL -Closet -[Finish] -PL6.6 -24V -[CCT] -[Length]
    (Choice of
    (Choice of
Kelvin temp.)
(Choice of length
- 1 in. increments)
    27=2700K 01-84 in.


Example: AL-Closet-ALP-PL6.6-24V-27-58 = Hangr LED Closet Bar Light - 2700K - 58 inch - polished aluminum finish


Item #Description
AL-50-19-9971-ALP Hanging bracket (1) - aluminum - polished aluminum finish (optional)
AL-50-19-9971-WH Hanging bracket (1) - aluminum - gloss white finish (optional)