Wire Harness with Screws
Tape Light Harness with Screws

Tape Light and Wire Harnesses

Secures tape light and wire.

The tape light and wire harnesses secure the tape light and lead wire to a surface. Each harness includes two screws.

Dimensions (Tape Light Harness): 0.86 in. L x 0.19 in. W x 0.12 in. H

Dimensions (Wire Harness): 0.95 in. L x 0.3 in. W x 0.19 in. H

Item #Description
AL-01-99-9900 Tape Light Harness (includes screws)
AL-01-99-9900-10 Tape Light Harness - 10 pack (includes screws)
AL-01-99-9901 Wire Harness (includes screws)
AL-01-99-9901-10 Wire Harness - 10 pack (includes screws)