Multi-Tap MLV Dimmable Drivers

Alloy LED’s Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmable Drivers are offered in multi-tap models designed to meet Class 2 requirements. By splitting the total wattage of the transformer into smaller circuits, multi-tap drivers can integrate into larger installations while still meeting Class 2 requirements. The 300W model, for example, features 5 separate taps, and each can be loaded to 60W. These drivers are already derated, which means they can be loaded to maximum wattage capacity, and they are UL Listed.

Input Voltage: 120V AC - 60Hz
Max. Load: 100%
Min. Load: 20% (w/dimmer) / 50% (on/off-no dimmer)
Certifications: UL Listed

Item #Output VoltageWattageWet LocationDimensions# of TapsClass 2
AL-98-02-12300 12V 300W  X 11.33 x 4.73 x 4.26 in. 5 X
AL-98-02-24192 24V 192W  X 11.33 x 4.73 x 4.26 in. 2 X