PrimaLine 2.7 LP (Low-Profile) Tape Light

Medium output, hotspot-free lighting

PrimaLine 2.7 LP (Low-Profile) 24V LED Tape Light is a very low profile, medium output, dimmable LED light that was designed to emit a smooth, even line of hotspot-free LED light. When installed in our Aluminum Channels with a frosted diffuser cover, PrimaLine 2.7 LP emits hotspot-free light, even as under-cabinet LED lighting when reflected in a countertop or other high-gloss surface.

PrimaLine 2.7 LP features the new 2110 diode, a low-profile diode arranged in a tight array to ensure hotspot-free lighting in most Alloy LED mounting channels. This linear light supplies the perfect level of brightness for medium applications, and features:

  • Ultra low profile
  • Industry-leading 97 CRI (Color Rendering Index)
  • High R9 and R13 values for superb rendering of warm colors
  • 6-year warranty

Stocked Color Temps (Kelvin): 2200K, 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4200K
Input Voltage: 24V DC
Power Consumption per ft.: 2.7 Watts/113mA
LED Chips per foot: 84
LED Chip Spacing: 0.14 inches
Tape Width: 0.4 inches
Tape Height: 0.02 inches
Beam Angle: 120°
Field Cuttable (UL 2108): Every 1 inch
Max Run Length: 18 ft.
Dimmable: Yes
LED Chip Type: 2016 SMD
Mounting: 3M™ Self-Adhesive Tape (non-porous)
Operating Temperature: -13° F to 140° F
Spool Lengths: 13 ft., 26 ft.
Location: Indoor, Dry
Certifications: UL, RoHS, UL 2108
Warranty: 6 Year Limited

13 ft. spool26 ft. spoolVoltageKelvin Temp.
/ foot
/ foot
CRIMax. Run
AL-01-08-2400 AL-01-08-2420 24V DC 2200K 2.7W 160 97 18 ft.
AL-01-08-2401 AL-01-08-2421 24V DC 2700K 2.7W 188 97 18 ft.
AL-01-08-2402 AL-01-08-2422 24V DC 3000K 2.7W 202 97 18 ft.
AL-01-08-2403 AL-01-08-2423 24V DC 4200K 2.7W 224 97 18 ft.
AL-01-08-2404 AL-01-08-2424 24V DC 2400K 2.7W 170 97 18 ft.