PolyForm™ Linkable LED Linear Light Fixture


Design your own lighting with PolyForm Modular LED Light Fixtures. The Polyform modular lighting system features slim and sleek fixtures that snap together to offer tailored lighting with plug-and-play ease. Use the accessories to configure an endless combination of rectangular shapes, whether for task lighting to fit in shelving, or for accent lighting with a contemporary design sense. The sleek, brushed aluminum PolyForm fixture’s hotspot-free lighting can function as a directly visible light source or near high-gloss finishes where a smooth, even line of lighting is needed.


PolyForm LED light bars are also a compact solution that can be installed in very tight spaces like drawers, shelves, and cabinets for zero-UV, low-heat lighting. Available in a range of sizes, they can be used in almost any area of a home or business without calling a professional installer.


Features include:


  • Configure fixtures to fit your installation
  • Plug-and play / light modules click together
  • Tight binning: 3 MacAdam steps
  • Low-profile and seamless
  • Hotspot-free
Quick Specs
  • Input Voltage: 12V DC
  • Dimmable: With TRIAC and PWM Dimmers
  • Width: 0.5 inches
  • Height: 0.4 inches
  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Location: Dry
  • Certifications: ETL Listed
  • Warranty: 6 year limited
Kelvin Temp. (CCT)
Item # Length Input Voltage Kelvin Temp. (CCT) CRI Lumens (max.) Watts
AL-05-01-1211 9 in. 12V DC 2700K 95 378 3.5W
AL-05-01-1212 9 in. 12V DC 3000K 95 383 3.5W
AL-05-01-1213 9 in. 12V DC 4200K 95 428 3.5W
AL-05-01-1218 9 in. 12V DC 3500K 95 366 3.5W
AL-05-01-1221 14 in. 12V DC 2700K 95 589 5.4W
AL-05-01-1222 14 in. 12V DC 3000K 95 595 5.4W
AL-05-01-1223 14 in. 12V DC 4200K 95 667 5.4W
AL-05-01-1228 14 in. 12V DC 3500K 95 570 5.4W
AL-05-01-1231 22 in. 12V DC 2700K 95 925 8.5W
AL-05-01-1232 22 in. 12V DC 3000K 95 935 8.5W
AL-05-01-1233 22 in. 12V DC 4200K 95 1046 8.5W
AL-05-01-1238 22 in. 12V DC 3500K 95 896 8.5W
AL-05-01-1241 33 in. 12V DC 2700K 95 1389 12.7W
AL-05-01-1242 33 in. 12V DC 3000K 95 1403 12.7W
AL-05-01-1243 33 in. 12V DC 4200K 95 1570 12.7W
AL-05-01-1248 33 in. 12V DC 3500K 95 1345 12.7W