Surfa 2X

Surface-Mount - corners and 45° lighting - hotspot-free

Continua™ Aluminum Channels are an essential accessory for clean, efficient, and high-impact linear lighting installations. Channels add style and enhanced lighting to any space; they provide protection for LED lights, from moisture, dust and other elements. Channels also surround the tape light with a thermally balanced heat sink, cooling and prolonging the lifespan of the product.

Surfa 2X is the larger version of Surfa 2, and enables mounting of LED tape light in a corner or so that it shines at a 45 angle. Surfa 2X also provides a hotspot-free, even line of lighting. Corner connectors can be used to link channel sections seamlessly around corners, while the straight connectors can join sections of channel for long continuous runs. Surfa 2X can also fit any of Alloy LED's tape lights.


  • Channels have a thermally-balanced design to ensure maximum cooling
  • Channel covers protect LED tape light
  • Diffuser covers provide smooth light diffusion with no hotspots
  • Full range of accessories for a great-looking installation
  • Complete kits available to create a finished fixture
Item #Description
AL-50-15-0111-KIT 4 ft. kit: 1 aluminum channel, 1 diffuser cover, 2 pair pack of plastic end caps, 5 mounting clips/screws
AL-50-15-0115-KIT 7 ft. kit: 1 aluminum channel, 1 diffuser cover, 4 pair pack of plastic end caps, 9 mounting clips/screws
AL-50-15-0011-AL channel - 4 ft. - aluminum finish * - includes 5 mounting clips/screws
AL-50-15-0015-AL channel - 7 ft. - aluminum finish * - includes 9 mounting clips/screws
AL-50-15-9902-FRT frosted diffuser cover - 4 ft.
AL-50-15-9905-FRT frosted diffuser cover - 7 ft.
AL-50-15-9912-CLR clear cover - 4 ft.
AL-50-15-9915-CLR clear cover - 7 ft.
AL-50-15-9951-WH plastic end caps 2 pair pack: 2 open, 2 closed - white
AL-50-15-9956-WH plastic end caps 10 pair pack: 10 open, 10 closed - white
AL-50-15-9986-WH mounting clips/screws - 5 pack
AL-50-15-9992-WH straight connector - plastic
AL-50-15-9993-WH corner connector - plastic