Varien™ 5.5 Dim-to-Warm Tape

Warm-dim lighting - dims automatically with a C-L dimmer


Alloy LED is at the forefront of dim-to-warm LED technology. Featuring an intelligent circuit, Varien Dim-to-Warm Tape automatically changes Kelvin temp. from warm white 3000K to very warm white 1800K, simply by dimming the LED light. Using a CL dimmer with Alloy’s low voltage PrimaVolt dimmable drivers, smoothly warm or cool the color temperature of tape light to suit the mood.

Because it features an intelligent circuit design that automatically adjusts the color temperature, Varien warm-dim lighting does not require any extra accessories like controllers or receivers. This saves costs and means it’s very easy to use, with no batteries or controllers to keep track of.

  • The light warms as it is dimmed
  • Use only with Alloy’s "No Minimum Load" PrimaVolt® Dimmable Drivers
  • Compatible with Lutron® CL dimmers
  • No batteries, controllers, or receivers required
  • Intelligent circuit eliminates the need for accessories and saves costs
  • 90 CRI (Color Rendering Index)

Color Temp. Range (Kelvin): 3000K ~ 1800K
Power Consumption per ft.: 5.5 Watts/230mA
Input Voltage: 24V DC
LED Diodes per foot: 64
Diode Spacing: 0.45 inches
Tape Width: 0.47 inches
Tape Height: 0.1 inches
Beam Angle: 120°
Field Cuttable (UL 2108): Every 2.8 inches
Max Run Length: 16.4 ft.
Dimmable: Yes
Diode Type: 2016 SMD
Mounting: 3M™ Self-Adhesive Tape (non-porous)
Operating Temperature: -13° F to 140° F
Spool Lengths: 16.4 ft.
Location: Indoor, Dry
Certifications: UL Listed, RoHS, UL 2108
Warranty: 6 Year Limited

16.4 ft. spool Item #VoltageKelvin Temp.
/ foot
/ foot
CRIMax. Run
AL-01-81-2401 24V DC 3000K~1800K 5.5W 315~348 90 16.4 ft.