Better Living Through Better Lighting

Alloy LED sees lighting as the fourth dimension of architecture. Lighting affects an entire space beyond just the walls and floors but also the objects and people within it. The right lighting solution makes any space more beautiful, conveys the mood and purpose of a space, and increases comfort and enjoyment. Alloy LED provides LED lighting solutions that enhance the way people live and work.

High-Quality Products

At Alloy LED, quality is synonymous with our products. Our PrimaLine™ LED Tape Lights have both high CRI and R values for flawless and flattering color rendering, and they are UL Listed. PrimaVolt™ Power Supplies are quiet, efficient, and built to last. Continua™ Aluminum Channels provide protection, light diffusion and cooling for linear LED lighting in a sleek modular fixture. In addition to factory testing, our products undergo in-house testing to ensure that they work well out-of-the-box.

Customer Service

We provide a full spectrum of services: from our high-quality and interoperable product portfolio to our experienced customer support team, we strive to create a seamless purchasing experience for each project. All of our products include the necessary technical documents and instructions to make the design and installation process easy, whether you are working on a large custom project, or retrofitting a small kitchen.


Alloy LED is founded on the principles of quality, user experience and energy-efficient design. We are an agile, flexible company based in California with a staff that has 60 years combined of LED lighting experience, and specializes in quality products and support.