Wireless RGB/RGB-W Receiver

This Wireless RGB/RGB-W Receiver is compatible with color controllers and dimmers (all sold separately) to provide full color control and dimming of Radialux color-changing LED strip lights. Additional wireless receivers can be used with the same controller to create independent zones that are limited only by the controller. It features easy-to-use push-in connectors and hard-wired master/slave functionality for perfect synchronization.

Compatible with:

  • Remote Control Dimmer Switch - AL-60-03-0001
  • Wireless Remote Controller - AL-60-03-0002
  • DMX Touch Wall Controller - 3 Zones model - AL-60-03-0003
  • DMX Touch Wall Controller - 3 Scenes model - AL-60-03-0003-S
  • LED WiFi Controller Hub - AL-60-03-0008
  • SlimDim Wireless Controller - AL-60-03-0009

Additional Wireless Receivers can be used with the same color controller to create independent lighting zones. This receiver is also compatible with the Remote Control Dimmer Switch to provide wireless dimming for white dimmable LED Tape Lights. See the Accessories section below for selected compatible controllers and switches.

Voltage: 12-36V DC
Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.69 x 2.1 x 1.1 in.
Wattage Limit (RGB tape): max. 360W total
Wattage Limit (RGB-W tape): max. 480W total
Current Limit: 5A per channel
Receivers per remote control: 20 max.
Certifications: UL Recognized Component, CE, RoHS

Item #Input VoltageDimensions
AL-60-03-0004-V2 12-36V DC 6.69 x 2.1 x 1.1 in.