Max is a serial entrepreneur. He’s into strategizing and energizing, wheeling and dealing, negotiating and associating with the best players. Max has been known to take “self-starter” to a whole new level, driven by more action items and analytics than you’ll ever want to see in a lifetime. But if we tried to describe Max in a sentence, well, he’s the guy that holds it all together.


If you fuse the precision of a swiss watch maker with Mr. Clean, you’ll have Joe. Trained as an electrical engineer, but with an unusual knack for public speaking and storytelling, Joe comes from a background in product management and marketing in the high-tech world of cybersecurity. His eye for a great product and meticulous nature delves into all aspects of life including his love of car culture. But this heeds a word of warning: Use the terms “pocket knife” or “air cooled” around Joe and expect to engage in an hour-long discussion. Joe comes to us as a proud alumnus of “the Harvard of Canada”.

How we met

Joe and Max are two guys who welcomed dogs into their lives at the same time and who happen to live in the same cute little neighborhood—the dog walking kind of community. Soon the two were chatting at a block party about Joe’s stockpiles of old bulbs, geeking out about light quality. And about how Max had started up Elemental LED from his garage. And about Joe’s desire to start a new venture. Which is why it soon became obvious that the two should join forces and fuse their mutual interests into an organization that values:

  • A low drama atmosphere: We communicate openly, honestly, and directly.
  • A fun work environment: We do what we love and have fun with it.
  • Relationships: We want to build long-term relationships based on trust and mutual benefit.
  • Active listening: We listen to what our customers, our sales reps, and our partners have to say—doing all we can to make them happy.
  • Productivity: We’re excited to make change.
  • Product knowledge: Our team, affiliates, and partners consistently learn, grow, document, and share information.
  • Innovation: We invest in innovation, from processes and installation through space beautification designed to simplify and improve lives.
  • Flexibility: We’re agile regardless of our company’s size or growth.

Put simply, we control our own destiny by improving the lives of our employees, our customers, our distributors, and our partners.