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Maximizing LED Lighting Longevity


LEDs are known for their longevity and energy efficiency, lasting for around 50,000 hours. At Alloy LED, we provide high-quality LED lights and understand the importance of maintaining these lighting systems to ensure their optimal performance and longevity. A few essential tips and best practices can help get the most out of our top-notch products.


Quality Product

A long lifespan starts at the conception of a product. As a reputable LED manufacturer, Alloy LED prioritizes the meticulous design and production of high-quality LED lighting solutions. We offer the largest selection of 95+ CRI LED tape lights on the market today backed by our guarantee of satisfaction. Our customers can be confident in not only the immediate result but also in the long-term performance of our products. If you aren’t delighted with our products and services, we will make it right.

Proper Installation

Proper installation with precision and care guarantees that LED lights can perform at their full potential contributing to their long lifespan. We recommend utilizing a licensed professional for installation. Are you a professional? Great! Each of our products comes with detailed instructions that are easy to follow to get a flawless installation every time!


Utilize our Channels!

Alloy LED offers channels to add style and enhanced light to any space while also providing protection for our LED tape lights against moisture, dust, and other debris elements. The channel surrounds the tape light with a thermally balanced heat sink, cooling and prolonging the lifespan of the product. Alloy LED offers a compatible channel for most of our LED tape lights. Check out our Compatibility Chart to find the perfect tape light/channel combination for your application!

Example: Suspan 1 Gen 2 Channel

At Alloy LED, we are committed to delivering durable and reliable lighting solutions that we are proud of. By following these tips and best practices, our customers can maximize the longevity of their LED lighting systems.


About Alloy LED


Alloy LED is a leading designer and manufacturer of premium quality LED tape light, channels, connectors, LED fixtures and power supplies. Alloy LED products include the PowerLine™, PrimaLine® and Radialux® LED Tape Lights, Continua Channels and AmpChamp™ Connectors. Headquartered in Emeryville, California, the company is a leader in the LED tape lighting market with distribution through lighting showrooms, electrical distributors and online stores. 


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