AmpChamp™ LED Wire-to-Tape Light Connector for RGB and RGBW LED Tape Lights - Alloy LED


BrightStar Awards

Always considered the best on the market, the Alloy LED AmpChamp line-up now includes the industry’s first RGB and RBGW terminal-style connectors for super-secure connections between LED color-changing tape light and wire. The new and revolutionary, patented design accommodates tape light as narrow as 0.4 in. (10 mm), while the high copper content alloy construction provides exceptional corrosion resistance and unmatched connectivity.

*NEW* AmpChamp RGB and RGBW Connector now includes an innovative mounting clip! 

  • Available in multiple sizes to fit our popular Radialux™ RGB and RGBW tape lights
  • Secure, tight connections avoid lighting failures and expensive contractor callbacks
  • Compatible with solid core, tinned and stranded wire
  • High amp limit allows for longer runs of tape light on a single connector
  • Allows installers to bring their own wire (16-gauge or less) to the connector directly
  • Simplifies inventory, with no need to stock different connector styles and lengths
  • Pre-installed 3M VHB tape makes installation quick and easy and provides excellent strain relief
  • Includes a pre-installed six-inch lead of 20 AWG, CL2 in-wall rated wire with tinned leads and a custom-designed screwdriver for easy installation

Alloy LED is the only company to manufacture a terminal connector for every LED tape light it offers, providing customers the most complete and convenient solutions for the best, longest-lasting lighting installations.

Quick Specs

Note: Do not overtighten, as the bottom of the connector may crack.

Standard Connector – AL-02-XX-9900

  • Voltage: 12-24V DC
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): Please refer to specific specification sheet
  • Maximum Current: Up to Class 2 Limit
  • Maximum Wire Gauge: 16 AWG
  • Mounting: 3M VHB tape (pre-installed) or innovative mounting clip (included)
  • Compatible Wire Types: Solid core, tinned, stranded
Item Number Description Compatible Tape Light
AL-02-01-9900 Single Connector Radialux 2.2 RGB
AL-02-01-9900-10 Standard - 10-pack Radialux 2.2 RGB
AL-02-01-9900-100 Standard - 100-pack Radialux 2.2 RGB
AL-02-02-9900 Single Connector Radialux 4.4 RGB
AL-02-02-9900-10 Standard - 10-pack Radialux 4.4 RGB
AL-02-02-9900-100 Standard - 100-pack Radialux 4.4 RGB
AL-02-03-9900 Single Connector Radialux 4.4 RGBW
AL-02-03-9900-10 Standard - 10-pack Radialux 4.4 RGBW
AL-02-03-9900-100 Standard - 100-pack Radialux 4.4 RGBW
AL-02-06-9900 Single Connector Radialux 5.9 RGBW
AL-02-06-9900-10 Standard - 10-pack Radialux 5.9 RGBW
AL-02-06-9900-100 Standard - 100-pack Radialux 5.9 RGBW
AL-02-13-9900 Single Connector Radialux 8.8 RGB
AL-02-13-9900-10 Standard - 10-pack Radialux 8.8 RGB
AL-02-13-9900-100 Standard - 100-pack Radialux 8.8 RGB
AL-02-14-9900 Single Connector Radialux 8.8 RGBW
AL-02-14-9900-10 Standard - 10-pack Radialux 8.8 RGBW
AL-02-14-9900-100 Standard - 100-pack Radialux 8.8 RGBW