Polymer Low-Profile Surface-Mount Channel - Alloy LED


The Polymer Low-Profile Surface-Mount Channel is a wide but very low-profile, which makes it ideal for areas that call for a discreet light fixture. This polymer channel is semi-flexible for easy handling and can be used without a diffuser cover as a mounting track.


  • Channel covers protect LED tape light
  • Diffuser covers provide smooth light diffusion with no hotspots
  • Full range of accessories for a great-looking installation
Quick Specs
  • Width (outside): 0.89 in.
  • Width (inside): 0.71 in.
  • Height (outside): 0.57 in.
  • Material: polymer
  • Warranty: 6 Year Limited
Kit Length
Item Number Description
AL-82-01-0011-PART Polymer Low-Profile Surface-Mount Channel, 4 ft.
AL-82-01-0015-PART Polymer Low-Profile Surface-Mount Channel, 7 ft.
AL-82-01-9902-FRT Frosted Diffuser Cover, 4 ft.
AL-82-01-9905-FRT Frosted Diffuser Cover, 7 ft.
AL-82-01-9951-WH Plastic End Caps 1 Pair Pack: 1 Open, 1 Closed - White
AL-82-01-9981-WH Plastic Mounting Clips & Screws - 1 pair