Casambi® - CBU-PWM4-4 - Most commonly used to control RGB and RGB-W Lighting - Alloy LED


Casambi lighting control system offers an intuitive solution for wirelessly controlling LED lighting directly from your smartphone. The Casambi platform is founded on Bluetooth® Low Energy, the ubiquitous and          time-tested wireless technology, creating a mesh network on this foundation where the system intelligence is embedded in every node. This                        self-organizing wireless mesh platform can control a large number of fixtures from any point via a smartphone app interface, with no single point of failure.

CBU-PWM4 is a Bluetooth controllable, Casambi enabled four channel PWM dimmer for constant voltage LED loads, such as LED strips and constant voltage LED modules. It is connected between a 12-24V DC power supply and the constant voltage LED load.

For use with:

  • White tape
  •  RGB/RGB-W set-ups
  •  Tunable white tape

Casambi apps for Apple and Android:

Apple iOS


Quick Specs
  • Input Voltage range: 12-24V DC
  • Max. input current: 4 A
  • Output Voltage: Same as input voltage
  • Min. load requirement: 0 W
  • Dimming Method: Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
  • Protection: IP20
Item Number Dimensions Input Voltage
AL-60-04-0003 2.21 x 1.18 x 0.71 in. 12-24V DC