Wireless DMX Receiver


Harness the power of sophisticated DMX color control using a simple, intuitive controller without running wires in the wall. This Wireless DMX Receiver interfaces between a color controller like the DMX Touch Wall Controller or the Wireless Remote Controller and a DMX Decoder to provide wireless DMX control for RGB/RGB-W Lights. Create up to 8 different zones, each with 8 saved scenes.


This Wireless DMX Receiver is used with the following controllers (all sold separately) to control Alloy LED’s Radialux RGB and RGB-W LED Tape Lights:


  • Remote Control Dimmer Switch – AL-60-03-0001
  • Wireless Remote Controller – AL-60-03-0002
  • DMX Touch Wall Controller – 3 Zones model – AL-60-03-0003
  • DMX Touch Wall Controller – 3 Scenes model – AL-60-03-0003-S
  • LED WiFi Controller Hub – AL-60-03-0008
  • SlimDim Wireless Controller – AL-60-03-0009

Additional Wireless Receivers can be used with the same color controller to create independent lighting zones. See the Accessories section below for popular compatible controller pairings.

Item # Input Voltage Dimensions Current Limit
AL-60-03-0010 12-24V DC 7 x 2.24x 0.82 in. 5A per channel