Varien Family Dim-to-Warm Lighting - Alloy LED

AL-01-79-24XX, AL-01-80-24XX, AL-01-81-24XX, AL-01-82-24XX

Alloy LED is at the forefront of dim-to-warm LED technology and is proud to introduce the Varien Family! Featuring an intelligent circuit, Varien Dim-to-Warm Tape automatically changes Kelvin temperature from a comfortable 3000K to relaxed candlelight 1800K, simply by dimming the LED light using a standard wall dimmer. The Varien Family includes:

  • Varien 1.2 XT features a max run of 40 feet, the perfect level of brightness for ambient and close application task lighting as well as longer run applications like hallways, toe kicks, soffits, and coves
  • Varien 2.7 features a soft, medium output for low-profile lighting such as under cabinet lighting
  • Varien 2.7 Wet Location is a medium output tape light that is wet location rated for kitchen, bathroom, cabinet, shelf and outdoor applications
  • Varien 5.5 is a medium-high output for accent applications that requires more surface illumination like short throw task lighting
  • Varien 8 features a very high output that is ideal for primary and large application accent lighting like long throw task lighting or coves

Because it features an intelligent circuit design that automatically adjusts the color temperature, Varien warm-dim lighting does not require any extra accessories like controllers or receivers. This saves cost, and makes it easy to setup and use.

Quick Specs
  • Color Temperature Range: 3000K ~ 1800K
  • Input Voltage: 24V DC
  • Tape Width: 0.47 inches
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Mounting: 3M™ Self-Adhesive Tape (non-porous)
  • Certifications: UL Listed, RoHS, UL 2108, Closet Rated
  • Warranty: 6 Year Limited

Please refer to specific tape light specification sheet for more information.

Tape Light
Item Number Description Spool Length Voltage Color Temperature Watts / foot Lumens / foot CRI Maximum Run
AL-01-79-2401 Varien 1.2 XT 20 ft. 24V DC 3000K~1800K 1.2W 72 96 40 ft.
AL-01-79-2421 Varien 1.2 XT 40 ft. 24V DC 3000K~1800K 1.2W 72 96 40 ft.
AL-01-80-2401 Varien 2.7 22 ft. 24V DC 3000K~1800K 2.7W 232 97 22 ft.
AL-01-80-2461 Varien 2.7 Wet 22 ft. 24V DC 3000K~1800K 2.7W 196 97 22 ft.
AL-01-81-2401 Varien 5.5 16.4 ft. 24V DC 3000K~1800K 5.5W 482 90 16.4 ft.
AL-01-82-2401 Varien 8 12 ft. 24V DC 3000K~1800K 8W 747 92 12 ft.