What Will Your Job Look Like in 2034?


President Joe Flynn spoke with tED Magazine about what his job will look like in 2034. His response was featured in the March issue of the Electrical Distributor Handbook. 

“My role, along with roles within my company, will evolve significantly. With advancements in AI and data analytics, we will leverage technology for efficient supply chain management and customer care. Our dedicated team will continue to focus on personalized interactions, utilizing AI-driven insights to provide the utmost quality. Navigating generational changes, my leadership will drive adaptability and foster a dynamic, future-ready organizational culture that defines Alloy LED.” 

About Alloy LED

Alloy LED is a leading designer and manufacturer of premium quality LED tape light, channels, connectors, LED fixtures and power supplies. Alloy LED products include the PowerLine™, PrimaLine and Radialux LED Tape Lights, Continua Channels and AmpChamp™ Connectors. Headquartered in Emeryville, California, the company is a leader in the LED tape lighting market with distribution through lighting showrooms, electrical distributors and online stores.


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