Ankr 2 Aluminum Channel


Ankr channel models are designed with a flange on either side of the channel that ensures a clean installation for in-wall applications in drywall. They are compatible with a strong springform clip that holds the channel securely in place for both horizontal and vertical configurations.

Quick Specs

Continuaâ„¢ Aluminum Channels are an essential accessory for clean, efficient, and high-impact linear lighting installations. Channels add style and enhanced lighting to any space; they provide protection for LED lights, from moisture, dust and other elements. Channels also surround the tape light with a thermally balanced heat sink, cooling and prolonging the lifespan of the product.


  • Width (outside): 1.74 in.
  • Width (inside): 1.2 in.
  • Depth: 1.58 in.
  • Material: aluminum
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited
Kit Length
Item # Description
AL-50-10-0111-KIT* 4 ft. kit: 1 aluminum channel, 1 frosted diffuser cover, 2 pair pack of metal end caps
AL-50-10-0115-KIT* 7 ft. kit: 1 aluminum channel, 1 frosted diffuser cover, 4 pair pack of metal end caps
AL-50-10-0011-AL channel - 4 ft. - aluminum finish
AL-50-10-0015-AL channel - 7 ft. - aluminum finish
AL-50-10-9902-FRT frosted diffuser cover - 4 ft.
AL-50-10-9905-FRT frosted diffuser cover - 7 ft.
AL-50-10-9912-CLR clear cover - 4 ft.
AL-50-10-9915-CLR clear cover - 7 ft.
AL-50-10-9951-WH metal end caps 2 pair pack: 2 open, 2 closed w/screws
AL-50-10-9956-WH metal end caps 10 pair pack: 10 open, 10 closed w/screws
AL-50-10-9986-AL springform mounting clip
*Add -05 or -10 to the end of the item # for discounted bundles.