Nicolaudie DINA-DR1 Color Controller & Nicolaudie DINA-DR1-LITE Color Controller - Alloy LED

AL-60-01-0011, AL-60-01-0012

Designed for din-rail mounting, the DR1 is a strong and durable solution for fixed lighting installations. Up to 3072 channels (1024 RGB or 768 RGBW fixtures) can be controlled over several protocols: DMX 512, Art-Net or SACN, LED Pixel, DALI. Multiple controllers can be connected and synchronized for large-scale lighting installation.

Built on the NSA (New Stand Alone) engine, the DR1 offers multi-zone show control as well as advanced and flexible triggering and integration possibilities: Time, Audio, Ports, RS232, TCP, DALI, etc.

This is the first lighting controller offering an all-in-one solution with multiple protocols. The DR1 can output DMX, Art-Net, SACN, DALI, LED pixel and create a control gateway for the most demanding dynamic lighting installations. Entirely based on the DINA-DR1 lighting controller, the LITE version comes with limited but expandable features. Because there is no perfect controller for all projects, the DR1 LITE is the “on-demand” answer to the most demanding projects.

Quick Specs

Input Voltage: 12V DC (8-15V range)

Programmability: PC, Mac, Android, iOS

Environment: Dry, Indoor (IP20)



Item Number Description Dimensions DMX Channels Scenes Zone Controls
AL-60-01-0011 Nicolaudie DINA-DR1 Color Controller 6.30 x 3.58 x 2.44 in. 3,072 2,000 20 zones
AL-60-01-0012 Nicolaudie DINA-DR1-LITE Color Controller 6.30 x 3.58 x 2.44 in. 1,024+ 2,000 20 zones