SlimDim™ Wireless Dimmer Switches - Alloy LED

AL-70-01-0001 | AL-60-03-0009

The SlimDim Wireless Dimmer Switch is a revolution in user-friendly lighting control. Using long-range RF technology, these LED dimmers avoid the need for connecting directly to a power supply, offering freedom to mount anywhere. They are simple and quick to install, and can be put in either an existing lightswitch box or mounted on the wall without a box. The SlimDim is not limited to use as a traditional switch: the controller is attached to the included mounting plate with a magnet, so it detaches and can be used as a fob for mobile, hand-held control.


The SlimDim is available in a white finish and comes in two models:


  • The Single Color Dimmer (for PrimaLine Tape – AL-70-01-0001) offers dimming and on/off control for PrimaLine LED tape, just pair with the Single Color Receiver (AL-70-01-0002 – sold separately)
  • The RGB/RGB-W Dimmer/Controller (AL-60-03-0009) provides basic color control for Radialux RGB / RGB-W tape: pair with the Wireless RGB/RGB-W Receiver (AL-60-03-0004 – sold separately)
Quick Specs
  • Battery Type: CR 2025 (included)
  • Working Voltage: 3V DC
  • RF Frequency: 868mHz
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited
Item Number Model Dimensions (fob only)
AL-70-01-0001 Single Color Dimmer (PrimaLine Tape) 3 x 1.3 x 0.35 in.
AL-60-03-0009 RGB/RGB-W Dimmer (Radialux Tape) 3 x 2.2 x 0.35 in.