Junction Boxes for Non-Dimmable Drivers - Alloy LED


Building codes often require that wire connections be separated into compartments. These junction boxes separate the low voltage and high voltage connections into separate compartments, and are useful for connections between LED fixtures and low voltage power.

Junction box item #AL-98-04-9901 is compatible with these models of the Alloy LED Non-Dimmable Drivers:

AL-98-04-12036 – 12V / 36W

AL-98-04-12060 – 12V / 60W

AL-98-04-24036 – 24V / 36W

AL-98-04-24060 – 24V / 60W

Quick Specs
Item Number Dimensions
AL-98-04-9901 7.7 x 1.8 x 4.9 in.