AmpChamp Connectors

The only UL Recognized Tape Light Connector

Revolutionary Design and Performance

The compact, capable, safe, and versatile AmpChamp LED tape light connector provides secure connections between LED tape light and wire leads. AmpChamp fits easily into many aluminum channels with diffusers.

connect LED tape light and wire leads

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AmpChamp Family

AmpChamp callouts best led selection

Straight AmpChamp

Secure connections between LED tape light sections, between tape light and wire, or between pairs of wire leads.

AmpChamp corner

Corner AmpChamp

Designed and engineered to provide a solid and secure solution for connections that require a 90 degree turn with dry location tape lights.

Best LED lighting solutions AmpChamp

AmpChamp Up/Down

A unique power feed solution that allows lead wires to be connected to the top or bottom of a tape light. 

RGB AmpChamp by Alloy LED

AmpChamp RGB and RGBW

The industry’s first RGB and RBGW terminal-style connectors for super-secure connections between LED color-changing tape light and wire.