0-10V Dimmable Driver


0-10V dimmable LED drivers are designed to integrate into existing 0-10V dimming systems and provide smooth, efficient power and dimming capability for LED lighting. Primarily used and rated for indoor and outdoor commercial LED applications, 0-10V Drivers can be dimmed from 100% down to 1% with 0-10V dimmers by LutronĀ® and other manufacturers. These drivers include an inspection-ready UL Listed junction box enclosure and offer unparalleled performance for 0-10V systems. These drivers are already derated, which means they can be loaded to maximum wattage capacity.


0-10V dimmable drivers are now available in Multi-Tap models that split the total wattage into smaller circuits to maintain Class 2 compliance for large installations.

Item Number Input Voltage Output Voltage Wattage Wet Location Dimensions (Junction Box) Class 2 Multi-Tap
AL-98-06-24020 120V AC 24V DC 20W No (IP20) 13.8 x 3 x 1.46 in. Yes
AL-98-06-24060-277 100~277V AC 24V DC 60W No (IP20) 13.78 x 3.03 x 1.46 in. Yes
AL-98-06-24080-277 100~277V AC 24V DC 80W No (IP20) 14.96 x 3.03 x 2.24 in. Yes
AL-98-06-24096-277 100~277V AC 24V DC 96W No (IP20) 14.96 x 3.03 x 2.24 in. Yes
AL-98-06-24150-277 100~277V AC 24V DC 150W No (IP20) 15.98 x 3.43 x 2.36 in.
AL-98-06-24192-MT 100~277V AC 24V DC 192W Yes (NEMA 4X) 10.94 x 4.25 x 1.77 in. Yes Yes
AL-98-06-24200-277 100~277V AC 24V DC 200W No (IP20) 15.98 x 3.43 x 2.36 in.
AL-98-06-24288-MT 100~277V AC 24V DC 288W Yes (NEMA 4X) 11.85 x 4.25 x 1.77 in. Yes Yes